About 28 Parallel

My name is Katrin and I’m the owner of 28 Parallel. I am continuously “in search of the miraculous” and I try to draw that miraculous into my life and the lives of those around me. In the time we live in now, we’ve lost our link to the spiritual and unspeakable, living physical lives centered around material things and consumerism, while our true lives are brimming with mystery and magic, waiting for us to discover it. I believe we shouldn’t simply pass our lives in vain without searching for the deeper meaning or developing the tools and abilities which we naturally have but which, over time, we have forgotten how to use. So the point of this blog is simply to share, once in a while, information which has helped me feel a connection to this miraculous and unspeakable thing which is spirit, in hopes that it might trigger something in you, too.

I’m in my final year of my Bachelors degree in Ethnology & Anthropology, and so far it’s incredibly fulfilling! Before Ethnology I tried out Computer Science, Math, Physics, Economics and Epistemology and none of them really worked out for me, although I learned useful and interesting information in all of these various domains.

My centers of interest as well as writing topics are spirituality, animals and wildlife, nature, altered states of consciousness, food, babies and children, psychology, renewable energy, alternative medicine and health, among others. I also have two sunshine baby boys.

In this moment, I’m liking Depeche Mode, Twin Peaks and Carlos Castaneda, among others things.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and that perhaps my page will benefit you in some way. Happy searching, traveler.