Dream work

Why “28 parallel”?


I’ve been meaning to create some kind of outlet where I could set down all the interesting information which comes my way, so finally I decided to make a blog. While looking for a name for the blog, a .com which wasn’t already taken by someone, I tried a lot of combinations which were available but which didn’t seem right because they had no special meaning to me. I was browsing through my memories, trying to think of something, when I remembered a dream I had a couple of months ago which perplexed me for a while.

In my dream, we were a group of around 10 people who were looking for something, we were trekking through South America. During our trip, we met with some sorts of elders or wise old men, who would then confer to us some kinds numbers which we had to put together and decipher. We didn’t know what the final output would be or even what we were looking for, but we had all understood somehow that we were looking for Christ. We finally reached a last master, who gave us the last piece of the puzzle, and we realized that our result was “latitude 28 degrees”.

The clarity of the message shocked me and I woke up. I had no knowledge of latitudes or longitudes or which degrees are where, but I looked it up on the Internet and saw that there’s a North and South. Since in my dream I had the feeling of being somewhere in Argentina (a country which magnetizes me in waking life), I looked for the 28th parallel south, and was stunned to find it was the border of the province of Santa Fe – in Spanish meaning holy faith. Christ, holy faith, what are the chances? I then decided to look what’s on the 28th parallel north, and saw that the other energetic powerhouses are located there – Mexico, Egypt and the summit of Mount Everest.

After all this, the 28th parallel became a term to encompass the places on earth which somehow magnetize me and hold a special meaning to me even though on this physical plane, I have no connection to them. It’s the marriage of the physical world, the subtle world and the subconscious (dream).

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