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Tapping Our Natural Hallucinogen Reserves: Pineal Gland and DMT


Edit: I’m transferring this article from my old blog to my new one because a lot of people seemed interested in it. Since this article was written in 2012, there has been further investigation into natural (endogenous) DMT production which points to the possibility that DMT is produced by the lungs, and not by the pineal gland as this article states. The highest amounts of DMT were found to be circulating in the lungs and in the spinal cord. Apparently, there is a link between slightly different breathing patterns during REM sleep (as opposed to the breathing patterns during the other stages of sleep) and DMT production, which might be responsible for generating our nightly hallucinations aka dreams. The pineal gland remains important nevertheless, because it might produce pinoline, a MAOI inhibitor, which inhibits the liver from breaking down the DMT molecules. I’ll see if I can write more on the subject in a new post soon. 

In the center of the human brain is a mysterious pine cone shaped gland, which for some reason has been revered by the most ancient of men for thousands of years for its apparent metaphysical powers, yet whose function eludes even modern science and medicine. Descartes described it as the “seat of the soul”, in eastern mysticism it is known as the third eye and the crown chakra, in ancient Egypt pharaohs would wear the Uraeus or serpent on their crown (they knew that the pineal gland was the star-gate connector to the afterlife and by activating it during life, one would overcome all fear) and in nearly every ancient mystery school, mystical religion and esoteric order, the ultimate goal of our experience here is the activation of this gland. The pineal gland would be activated when people attain high mystical states.01


Interestingly enough, the pineal gland appears in the human embryo at exactly 49 days of gestation, which is regarded by Tibetans as the time it takes one soul to incarnate onto the next, and also the exact time when differentiation between male and female occurs in the embryo. When a child is born, there is a soft spot or “fontanelle” on the top-center of their skull. One of the reasons is to allow the child to pass through the birth canal, but perhaps it might also be because the soul has just entered the fresh physical body?

I want to dedicate part of this post to Dr. Rick Strassman, a medical doctor specialized in psychiatry, who has done extensive research into the biological basis of mystical states. For many years science and medicine has pondered the reason why and how we experience various mystical states in sleep (dreaming in the REM stage), during various accounts of out of body experiences (OOBEs), near death experiences (NDEs), lucid dreaming, spiritual practices etc.



The mystical states which are triggered by the pineal gland are spontaneously occurring and are comparable to descriptions of people on large psychedelic drugs. Why is that? Can this in any way be related to the fact that our human body naturally produces the most potent psychedelic substance on planet Earth, namely dimethyltryptamine or DMT? Its discovery in the human bodily fluids (sometime in the last 50 years) brought about extensive research into its role in abnormal mental states marked by hallucinations and power and abnormal emotions and thoughts – such as schizophrenia.)


DMT belongs to the family of compounds called hallucinogens or psychedelics. Other members of this family include LSD or “acid”, psilocybin in “magic” mushrooms, and mescaline from the peyote cactus. Effects of DMT in many ways are typical of other psychedelics, where kaleidoscopic visual displays are common with eyes open or closed; powerful emotions of either a positive or negative nature; new insights into personal or religious questions; and effects on our sense of bodily integrity. At high doses, DMT frequently seems to provide entry into a non-physical world inhabited by beings of light with whom we interact.

The pineal gland is capable of producing DMT, the chemical cousin of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin and the pineal hormone melatonin, and as a matter of fact it is found in many plants and animals. Endogenous (“made within [the body]”) DMT was first discovered in rodents, where scientists mapped out the path of its formation, the enzymes and building blocks, after which a similar process was found to exist in humans.



The pineal gland is well protected from stress, but can be overwritten. DMT is secreted during high levels of stress, such as birth and death (the most stressful times of a person’s life), and near death experiences. Perhaps the pineal gland is the gate through which life enters and leaves? Maybe it explains angels, demons, aliens? Or maybe death is similar to the dream world?

In the movie Waking Life, one of the characters talks about the few minutes when the brain still functions after a person’s death, and they ask, since time is so bent in our dreams, perhaps in those few minutes we experience a sort of dream state where those few minutes might feel like a lifetime, an eternity, another life?

Abnormal levels of DMT trigger states of consciousness parallel to experiences of the afterlife, and at high levels is a catalyst for near death experiences. It jump starts the machinery of the afterlife. It’s the study of death itself.

Dr. Strassman conducted experiments in 2005 where 60 patients were injected with 400 high doses of DMT, and the results were astounding. 40% contacted “living entities” from other worlds and 15 were taken to another planet entirely.


Quoting one of the patients:

It was very intelligent. It wasn’t at all humanoid. It wasn’t a bee but it seemed like one. It was showing me around the hive. It was extremely friendly, and I felt a warm sensual energy radiating through the hive. I decided it must be a wonderful thing to live in a loving and sensual environment such as that. It said to me that this was where our future lay.

DMT experience is the closest you can come to death and return unscathed. When smoked or injected, it transports the user to a fantastic world of bright colors, geometric vibration and alien intelligence. At large doses, the body is transcended and the soul leaves through the crown of the skull. The soul energy exits into a field of different frequency, commonly called “hyperspace”. Most people describe this field as being “realer”, and strangely familiar, like deja vu. One interesting thing about DMT is that it dilates, bends and warps time, a minute could be a day, and 5 minutes could feel like a day, an eternity, because you have no perception of how fast or slow time is going, there is really no such thing as time.


A last topic I want to go into is religious cults and…freemasonry, which, as you may know, has “degrees”, which are comparable to stages of development. Curiously, the highest degree in freemasonry is 33, also the number of vertebrae in the spinal cord. This refers to, degree by degree, coaxing the Kundalini energy (Kundalini in eastern mysticism literally meaning coiled and being the coiled serpent – see location of serpent on pharaoh’s crown – which resides in the organism and which is awakened by deep meditation and enlightenment, traveling up the body through each chakra until it reaches the crown chakra – also see medical symbol Caduceus) up the 33 degrees of the spinal cord. During the initiation ceremonies of various secret religious cults, psychedelic elixirs would be used to allow the uninitiated to activate the third eye, proving reality of the spiritual plane and suppressing the ego through astonishment. The teachings of the Kundalini and drugs would no longer be required.


So to sum it all up, since to most if not all people who get the chance to experience it, the other plane feels much “realer” than here, what we are experiencing here is similar to a matrix, we are inside an avatar, a boat, and when we’re released from that we go back to our true home plane. We are here to learn to shake off the ego.

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